El Perfumista

Drama | USA | 24min | April 2019

Pedro Marquez is a prestigious perfumer, as well as the mentor of his daughter. One day he discovers his sense of smell is deteriorating. Too proud to admit it, Pedro tries to complete the product blindly, risking his reputation as well as the trust of his daughter. 





Director of photography

Production Designer


Music Composer

Sound Designer

Miguel Najera (Lead)

Maria Ignacia Hojas (Lead)

Paloma Lingwei Chen (Story by)

Navaneeth Balasubramanian

Brianna Brown (Screenplay by) 

Mengtao Sun

Sylvia Jingqi Cong

Sylvia Jingqi Cong

Miro Kepinski

Matt Somogyi

Next screening   Oct 10, 2019 @ San Francisco

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