Born and raised in Beijing, Paloma grew up bilingual with a Spanish father and a Chinese mother. After earning her B.A. in Journalism from Sichuan University, she worked as a video journalist for Guangzhou Daily, one of the most popular newspapers in Southern China. 


During her time in Guangzhou, Paloma held roles such as director, producer, editor, and cinematographer. Her work covers a variety of topics including personal profiles, outdoor exploration, Chinese cuisine, and local culture.

In 2019, Paloma earned her MFA in Film Production, directing emphasis from Chapman University, Dodge College of film and media arts. She was lucky to be mentored by Oscar Award-winning screenwriter David S. Ward (The Sting). She is passionate about exploring stories focusing on human relationships in environments isolated from society with a poetic visual style. 


Currently, Paloma is working as a director/producer for a Chinese media company based in LA. During her spare time, she enjoys hiking, figure skating and city exploring. She's a world cinema lover and sees Werner Herzog as her idol, for now.

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