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Paloma is a film producer and director based in Los Angeles and Beijing. She most recently gained recognition for her documentary "The Baby Carriers" , which delves into the world of international surrogacy in the United States. This project was selected for the 2021 Hong Kong - Asia Film Financial Forum (HAF).


Throughout her career, Paloma has collaborated with notable companies like Ncredible Productions and China TV Corporation, contributing her talents as a story producer for feature documentaries and non-scripted TV series.  She also worked on the production of "The Price of Free" - an Emmy-nominated film based on the life of Nobel Peace Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi and his fight to end child slavery.


Paloma's multicultural background, growing up with a Spanish father and a Chinese mother, has fueled her passion for storytelling. She studied TV Journalism in Chengdu and Taipei before working as a video journalist for Guangzhou Daily. 

Paloma's thesis film, "El Perfumista," produced during her time at Chapman University, received acclaim at numerous international film festivals, including Mill Valley and Sedona. As a mother and immigrant herself, she is committed to exploring themes such as education, women's issues, and immigrant narratives, all conveyed with a distinctive and powerful visual style.

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